Hey yall! My name is Shanee and I am so glad you have stopped by to check out this wonderful business God has blessed me with.

I am married to a man who is pretty much amazing at anything he does. He keeps our family laughing and also busy with all of his hobbies. He's a "mans-man" who is all about that cowboy life, hunting, fishing - etc! 

I am also a mom to 3 handsome boys. Two by birth and a bonus child by marriage. My awesome bonus son is now a teenager who enjoys sports and cracking jokes. He is an amazing Godly young man with the kindest heart.

My first born is almost S E V E N (unbelievable) years old. He has such a loving spirit, loves to flip around the house (literally) and watch TV while doing a headstand. He loves animals, people and doing anything his dad is doing.

My baby boy is now two years old (yay -- terrible twos Lol!) He is a stubborn-headed spitfire who also loves to snuggle. He has the best dance moves (not sure who he got those from) and will "shakey shakey" to any song! 

Wife, mother and dreamer.


it began with a prayer

My family pictured with my precious grandmother

I began this journey in 2011, while in school with dreams of being a registered nurse.  It wasn't until my then fiancĂ© and I had our engagement photos done that I discovered that I had this deep desire to become a photographer. I always enjoyed photographing our life's events. From there the spark ignited in to a full blown wildfire and I began photographing for my friends, their friends and more. My husband was incredibly supportive when I told him that I wanted to quit pursuing nursing and to dive head first in to starting my very own photography business.

And here we are friends, E I G H T years, over a  T H O U S A N D sessions later and I still have a deep and profound love for photography. God gets all the glory!

I would absolutely love to meet you and photograph your life's special moments. 



My kids

My husband

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